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Customized Medical Silicone Products for Pfizer
Jan 30, 2024 JE SILICONE

In October 2023, Pfizer, the world famous and 175-years experienced biopharmaceutical company in USA, has long-term established business relationship with JE Medical.

How to Make Silicone Molds: Comprehensive Guide
Dec 18, 2023 JE SILICONE

Silicone molds have become a popular choice among crafters, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts duo to their flexibility, durability, and ease of use.

Advatages and Benefits of Silicone Stomach Tubing
Nov 13, 2023 JE SILICONE

A silicone stomach tube is a medical device designed to provide a conduit for delivering nutrition directly into the stomach. It is commonly used in situations where patients are unable [...]

The Benefits of Balloon Uterine Stents in Women Health
Sep 20, 2023 JE SILICONE

A balloon uterine stent is a medical device consisting of a flexible tube with an inflatable balloon at one end. It is designed to be placed inside the uterus after intrauterine surgery.

The Advantages of 100% Silicone Catheters: Comfort, Durability and Reliability
Sep 19, 2023 JE SILICONE

The 100% Silicone catheter is a urinary catheter made entirely out of silicone. They contain no latex, which makes them ideal for men and women with latex allergies or other sensitivities

Silicone Seal Strips for Home and Beyond
Sep 12, 2023 JE SILICONE

Silicone seal strips may not be the most glamorous addition to your home, but they are certainly among the most practical.

Discover the Benefits of Silicone Foam Tubing for Enhanced Safety and Comfort
Jun 27, 2023 JE SILICONE

The benefits of silicone foam tubing encompass its cushioning properties, thermal insulation, versatility, resistance to moisture and chemicals, noise and vibration damping, durability, [...]

Comparing Platinum Cured Silicone and Peroxide Cured Silicone: Assessing Properties, Applications, and Benefits
Jun 20, 2023 JE SILICONE

If you are new to silicone rubber industry, it may be create some confusion while choosing Platinum Cure Silicone or Peroxide Cure Silicone

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