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Who We Are?

We are over 20 years OEM & ODM silicone products manufacturer, we manufacture, design and sale silicone tube hoses, silicone o-rings, silicone gaskets, silicone sleeves, silicone rubber sheets and custom silicone mold parts.

Shenzhen Jiajie Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. is a silicone product manufacturer specializing in production and R&D in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is mainly engaged in silicone rubber tubing, medical silicone tube, medical silicone products, liquid silicone products, foamed silicone products, and custom silicone parts. And other major series of silicone products, with 100,000-class clean workshop, liquid dust-free workshop, molding workshop, extrusion workshop, modern precision machinery and equipment and integrated technology production line, the plant area is more than 6,000 square meters, and the monthly production capacity is 60 tons. , more than 20 years of experience in research and development and production of silicone products, speak with products, prove with strength, and serve you wholeheartedly.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of silicone products in Shenzhen/Dongguan, Guangdong, our factory has a group of technical backbones with more than ten years of professional experience. Over the past few years, it has been adhering to the development principle of "R&D, innovation, quality, service, and integrity" as the core. road. From raw material procurement to production process and shipping process, all have undergone strict testing, and at the same time have third-party certification (SGS/ROHS/FDA/LFGB/UL...etc.) that meet customer and various export requirements, providing customers with The most guaranteed and most assured high-quality products and services have established long-term partnerships with many well-known companies at home and abroad, and have been widely recognized and praised.

What We Do?

  • Medical silicone tubes: mainly drainage tubes, stomach tubes, suction tubes, tracheal intubation tubes, infusion tubes, etc.
  • Medical silicone accessories: mainly include urinary catheters, laryngeal masks, uterine dilatation balloons, postpartum hemostatic balloons, fallopian tubes, etc.
  • Liquid silicone: There are mainly silicone masks for anesthesia machine respirators, silicone laryngeal mask inflatable airbags, silicone breathing masks, etc.
  • Silicone tube: mainly gas phase silicone tube, platinum silicone tube, medical grade silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, flame retardant silicone tube, high temperature resistant silicone tube, conductive silicone tube, anti-static silicone tube, etc.
  • Foamed silicone products: mainly include foamed silicone strips, foamed silicone tubes, foamed silicone sheets, foamed silicone pads, foamed silicone rings and other products.
  • Silicone sealing strips: all kinds of extruded silicone strips, special-shaped silicone strips, solid silicone strips, door and window sealing strips, etc.
  • Silica gel molded miscellaneous parts: various display sealing rings, other special-shaped sealing rings, special-shaped parts, etc.
  • Silicone daily necessities: mainly silicone fresh-keeping bags, silicone face brushes, silicone chopsticks, etc.
  • Silicone toys: mainly include saliva pockets, silicone building blocks, silicone puzzles, etc.


We are certified to ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System standards.


How we can help to you succeed

Our well qualified and experience staff closely works with our clients for selecting the right design, materials, geometry and manufacturing process for your specific application need. Our state of the art modern facilities with latest tools and technology help us to offer quality silicone products at competitive price with minimum lead times.