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Large Diameter Silicone TubingLarge Diameter Silicone TubingLarge Diameter Silicone TubingLarge Diameter Silicone TubingLarge Diameter Silicone Tubing

Large Diameter Soft Silicone Tubing Wholesale Customization

Key Features:

  • Larger diameter than standard silicone tubing.
  • Made from medical grade silicone.
  • Temperature range from -40ºC to 250 ºC.
  • We can offer special plugs according to your requirements

Product Specifications:

Product Large Diameter Soft Silicone Tubing
Material 100% silicone material
Color Translucent as standard (other colours customized)
Size Customized, as customer requirement
Temperature resistance -40ºC - 250 ºC
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About This Silicone Large Diameter Soft Silicone Tubing

JE Silicone large diameter soft silicone tubing can be used across a wide range of applications & industries. The large diameter of our products makes the tubing essential for certain industries such as automotive, shipping, transportation, and more. In addition to that, our products find their use across many niche industries such as communication equipment and aerospace.

With our product, clients are getting silicone tubing with a larger opening being able to transport liquids and gasses on a larger scale. The silicone properties make the tubing more elastic and more flexible. We make our tubing from the finest silicone to enhance these properties. The low thermal conductivity and low chemical reactivity make our product resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Our product can withstand temperatures from -40 to +250 degrees C.

Silicone rubber tubing is a highly durable as well as flexible product. This ensures that you get a product which can follow any curves or bends without showing signs of deterioration or warping. It also has a wide temperature range which enable you to use it in almost any environment with ease.

Product Features

  • It is a silicone rubber construction with smooth wipe down finish.
  • It is excellent resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen.
  • We are capable of processing according to your drawings or samples.
  • All ingredients are non-toxic and iso-sanctioned for use with food contact surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic, in line with the ISO/TS16949, ROHS.
  • High tear resistance, low shrinkage, good resistance to anti-aging performance.
  • Applicable to all types of household appliances, lighting, electric products, electronic motors, industrial equipment, components, wiring harness products to protect high-temperature insulation.


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