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High Temperature Silicone TubingHigh Temperature Silicone TubingHigh Temperature Silicone TubingHigh Temperature Silicone TubingHigh Temperature Silicone TubingHigh Temperature Silicone Tubing

High Temperature Silicone Tube Manufactuer & Supplier

Key Features:

  • Lightweight soft and uniform wall thickness
  • High toughness, Stretching no deformatiaron
  • High Transparency clear inside the tube
  • High temperatue resistant, real silicone cann't ignite

Product Specifications:

Material  100% Silicone
Color  Clear
ID/OD Customized
Product Origin Shenzhen, China
Sample Fee Free
Shipping 3-7 days
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About this item:

This heat resisting silicone tubing is made up of high quality silicone raw material with extreme temperature resistance, which is mainly used in special environment, such as high temperature environment or high pressure environment.

Diameters of heat resistant silicone tubing are ranges from 2 mm to 16 mm, which are frequently used for water connecting, breathers, heater matrix, etc. larger diameters are allowed to cut to any

lengths. They are ideal for coolant, intercooler, air intake, etc.

Product Features

  • High/low temperature resistace, Ideal operating temperature: -40 °C to +250 °C.
  • High quality environment friendly silicone material,  non-toxic and tasteless.
  • High toughness, Not easy to deform with long-term folding and bending, tearing and drawing.
  • Color and size customized.

Product Specifications

Material  100% silicone
ID & OD Range  0.5-80mm
Temperature resistance  -40~250 ºC
Hardness  30-80A
Size  Can be customized
Color  Free custom color
Logo  free custom logo
Certificates  FDA, RoHS, ISO, REACH, MSDS, LFGB
 Applications  Medical equipment,electronic appliances,chemical experiments,biopharmaceuticals,food processing,fitness equipment,ships, etc.

This extremely flexible, food grade silicone is suited for general low pressure industrial applications for the conveyance of chemicals, liquids, gases, and solids of suitable granular size, such as factory air lines automation machinery and pneumatic lines.


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