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Braided Silicone Hose

Braided silicone hose, also known as reinforced silicone tubing, is a high pressure resistant silicone tube, mainly used for special environment operations.

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Our reinforced braided silicone tubes offer excellent durability and flexibility in a wide variety of applications, such as medical and dental equipment, laboratory uses, hot fill systems, beverage and dairy service, appliances, deionized water transfer, thermal protection and electrically-associated equipment. We can offer  both platinum and peroxide cured hoses to match your specific needs. This particular product is available with an inner diameter from 0.3mm - 59mm.

Braided Silicone Tube Description

1).Universal silicone braided tube is suitable for applications that do not require high pressure hose or high compound purity level.
2). The excellent heat resistance and flexibility of silicone rubber means that silicone tubing can be used on most home appliances and workshop or hobby applications
3. Medical and food grade tubing will not react in any way with sensitive drugs, food ingredients or body tissues and liquids, which can be sterilized in a standard autoclave. It also has a surface quality that resists build-up of internal transport materials.

Platinum Cured Braided Silicone Tube

Our platinum cured, braided silicone hoses are the ideal product for use in highly demanding applications. This product is transparent in design, non-toxic and also features no peroxide by-products.

Peroxide Cured Braided Silicone Tube

The peroxide cured option is typically cheaper than the platinum cured alternative. However, it still offers many of the same performance characteristics which makes it perfect for use in industrial applications.

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