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Automotive Silicone Hose

Automotive silicone hose has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40-250C.

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Our automotive silicone rubber hose widely used in machinery,automoblike and other fields of water hose ,the production line is fully funcitonal,the use of different materials and processes ,but also can be made use in mechanical indusrry ,automobile industry and other areas of oil ,gas ,water hose  .

Automotive Silicone Hose Features: high temperature and high pressure resistance, high temperature up to 280 degrees, low temperature up to minus 70 degrees, pressure resistance up to 3Mpa.

Automotive Silicone Hose Material: The silicone tube is made of imported silicone rubber material and cloth layer mechanically extruded, then made by artificial winding rubber, and finally made by high temperature vulcanization molding.

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