Red & Blue Silicone Foam Tubes

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Red & Blue Silicone Foam TubesRed & Blue Silicone Foam TubesRed & Blue Silicone Foam TubesRed & Blue Silicone Foam TubesRed & Blue Silicone Foam TubesRed & Blue Silicone Foam Tubes

Antifreeze Heat Preservation Red and Blue Silicone Insulation Foam Tubing

Key Features:

  • Made of silicone rubber material, soft and durable.
  • High elasticity, strong tensile, easy to bend, and aging resistant.
  • Good fire resistance and low thermal conductivity.
  • Wide range of applications.

Product Specifications:

Product Red & Blue Silicone Foam Tubes
Material Silicone Foam
Color Red & Blue
Size/Shape/Hardness Customized, as customer requirement
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Red and Blue Foam Tubes

Key Features】Inner diameter, thickness and length customized. High elasticity, strong Tensile force, easy to bend, aging resistance, antifreeze, sun protection, moisture resistance, fire prevention, high density closed cells, heat preservation, anti resonance, low thermal conductivity, impact absorption, sound absorption, etc.

High-quality material】Silicone Insulation Foam Tubing is made of high-density closed-cell environmentally friendly rubber foam material, non-irritating and pollution-free, harmless to health or the environment, low thermal conductivity, stable temperature, even if the weather outside is cold, it will not affect the temperature inside the water pipe.

Good Flame Retardancy】When the Silicone Insulation Foam Tubing is burned by fire, the insulation material does not melt, produces very little smoke, and does not spread the flame; -40 to 250 degrees Celsius, can be used repeatedly.

Wide range of uses】Silicone Insulation Foam Tubing are widely used in outdoor pipe antifreeze, gas, home indoor and outdoor water pipes, handle protection, fitness equipment, air conditioning, solar energy, industrial construction, DIY and other pipes, anti-skid, wear-resistant, heat insulation.

Good flexibility】antifreeze insulation cotton has good flexibility, and it is easy to deal with curved and irregular pipes during construction, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.


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