Molded Silicone Foam Gasket

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Molded Silicone Foam GasketMolded Silicone Foam GasketMolded Silicone Foam GasketMolded Silicone Foam GasketMolded Silicone Foam Gasket

Molded Silicone Foam Gasket

Key Features:

  • Good elasticity and flexibility.
  • High and low temperature resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • Various colors and sizes can be customized.

Product Specifications:

Material 100% Silicone Rubber
Color Customized
Size Custommized
Hardness Customized
Temperature resistance -40℃~﹢250℃
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About this item:

Molded silicone foam ring is a foam product that uses a mold to press silicone material into a specific shape.

Material preparation: First, materials such as silica gel raw materials, foaming agents, crosslinking agents, and catalysts need to be prepared. Mix these materials evenly according to a certain ratio to form a silicone foam material.

Mold design: According to the shape and size of the silicone foam ring to be made, design the corresponding mold. The mold can be made of aluminum alloy, steel and other materials, and has certain hardness and precision.

Mold preparation: Put the designed mold into the injection molding machine or press, and adjust the parameters such as temperature and pressure to achieve the best injection molding or pressing state.

Silicone injection: Pour the mixed silicone foam material into the mold. The injection amount needs to be determined according to the mold size and the density of the silicone.

Foaming processing: When the silicone foam material is heated in the mold, the foaming agent will be released, causing it to expand and fill the voids in the mold. At this time, parameters such as temperature and pressure need to be controlled to make the foaming process go smoothly.

Silicone curing: After the silicone foam material is foamed in the mold, it needs to be cured within a certain period of time. During this process, the added cross-linking agent and catalyst will promote the cross-linking and vulcanization reaction of the silicone molecules, making it harder and more durable.

Demolding and post-processing: After the silicone foam ring is completed, take it out of the mold and perform necessary post-processing procedures. For example, trimming edges, removing surface imperfections, cleaning and sanding, etc. to give it a more beautiful and refined appearance.

It can be widely used in automobile, aviation, construction and other fields.


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