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Wholesale & Custom Silicone Reservoir

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% imported medical-grade silicone, with anti-reflux valve.
  • Can compatible with any of following drains:Flat Drain,Fluted Drain and Round Drain.
  • Squeeze the reservoir and connect with drains for suction, it can make stable and effective suction for exudates.
  • OEM or ODM is available.

Product Specifications:

Product Silicone Reservoir
Material 100% imported medical-grade silicone
Size 100/200/400 ml
Marked Position 50/100/150/200ml, 25/50/75/100ml
Certificates CE, ISO13485, FDA
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Performance of disposable negative pressure suction balloon:

  • It is made of silica gel which has no toxic side effects on human body.
  • A fluid resistance device is installed at the inlet of the drainage ball to ensure that the residual liquid flowing out during the drainage process is not countercurrent and the product is safer to use.
  • Balloon specifications are complete, capacity: 100ML, 150ML, 200ML, 400ML;
  • The sphere has good sealing, good drainage effect, transparent sphere, and is easy to observe.

 Silicone Reservoir

 Silicone Reservoir

 Silicone Reservoir

 Silicone Reservoir

 Silicone Reservoir

Use of disposable negative pressure suction balloon:

The disposable negative pressure suction balloon is used to remove the effusion and residual fluid in the wound after operation.

Item Size Length(mm)
JE-013-08 8Fr 400 
JE-013-10 10Fr 400
JE-013-12 12Fr 400 
JE-013-14 14Fr 100
JE-013-16 16Fr 100
JE-013-18 18Fr 100 


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