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Custom Silicone Parts

JEsilicone provides professional one-stop custom silicone parts service for a broad range of industries, from a new product concept/idea to perfect finish goods. Our customized service process includes product design, material mixing & cutting, silicone mold making & prototype, production, quality inspection, packaging and labeling. We have more than 10000 succesful customized silicone mold opening.

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Custom Silicone Parts Manufactuer

how to get a custom silicone part

As a custom silicone parts manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, JESilicone provides industry leading custom extruded and molded products, about 10,000+ successful silicone mold opening. This list generally includes products such as simple silicone cords to complex non-standard silicone profiles, as well as the increasingly popular molded silicone. Our team of experts has decades of knowledge and experience injection molding LSR. No matter what type of silicone part you’re looking for, our engineers will work with you to determine the best compound and manufacturing method.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are fully equipped with modern equipment and using the latest technologies. Since we have so many sucessful mold opening cases, we have the capacity and flexibility to manufacture your custom rubber molding components efficiently and economically, while meeting the highest quality standards. Call or send email to us so we can collaborate and provide solution for your project.

We offer a wide range of customization options for you, such as: product shape, size, color, hardness, logo, package, label and so on.

Most popular rubber molded components from the company: Hoses, Tubes, Seals, Gaskets, o-rings, Balls, Pads,Rollers, Toys and so on. Just call or send email to us so we can collaborate and provide solution for your projects.

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