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Craft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for CraftsCraft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for CraftsCraft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for CraftsCraft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for CraftsCraft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for CraftsCraft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for Crafts
Foam Tubes CraftsFoam Tubes CraftsFoam Tubes CraftsFoam Tubes CraftsFoam Tubes CraftsFoam Tubes Crafts

Craft Foam Tubes / Foam Tubing for Crafts

Key Features:

  • Our foam tubes crafts are made from high quality silicone foam material.
  • Lightweight, soft, good elasticity, kink resistance, no deformation.
  • Craft foam tubes are popular for their versatility, affordability, and ease of use, making them a staple material in many crafting arsenals.
  • High and low temperature reistant, from -40°C to 250°C.

Product Specifications:

Material Silicone Foam
Size Custom inner and outer dimaters as requirements
Hardness Customized
Color Black/Blue/red/orange/green and customized colors
Applications For Crafts
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About Craft Foam Tubes

Craft foam tubes are cylindrical tubes made from foam materials, typically silicone foam or polyethylene foam. They are lightweight, soft, and flexible, so they often used in crafts and various other applications.

Craft foam tubes have several benefits and advantages as following:

Versatility: Craft foam tubes can be used in a wide range of crafting projects. They can be easily cut, shaped, and manipulated to suit various needs.

Lightweight: Craft foam tubes are lightweight, making them easy to handle and work with.

Softness: They are soft to the touch, which makes them suitable for projects where comfort or safety is a concern.

Shock absorption: Due to their softness, craft foam tubes offer excellent shock absorption properties. This makes them ideal for projects where impact resistance is important.

Variety of sizes and colors: Craft foam tubes come in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing for creativity and customization in crafting projects. This variety makes it easy to find the perfect craft foam tube for any project.

Craft foam tubes have numerous applications in various craft projects. Here are some specific uses for craft foam tubes:

Cushioning and Padding: Craft foam tubes can be used to provide cushioning and padding in different projects. For example, you can insert foam tubes into the handles of tools, such as hammers or paintbrushes, to make them more comfortable to hold. Similarly, they can be used to pad the handles of utensils or to create ergonomic grips for items like gardening tools.

Pipe Insulation: Foam tubes are commonly used as insulation for pipes in plumbing and HVAC systems. They provide thermal insulation, reduce condensation, and prevent heat loss. The tubes can be easily cut and wrapped around pipes of various diameters.

Costume and Prop Making: Foam tubes are ideal for creating costume accessories and props. They can be shaped, cut, and manipulated to resemble different objects. For instance, foam tubes can be used to create the handles of swords, the horns of animals, or the structures for larger props like wings or armor pieces.

Floatation Devices: Craft foam tubes, especially pool noodles, are popular for creating homemade floatation devices. They can be used to make pool rafts, floating toys, or even arm floaties for swimming. By cutting the foam tubes to size and securing the ends, you can create customized floatation aids for both children and adults.

Arts and Crafts Projects: Foam tubes offer endless possibilities for various art and craft projects. They can be used to create sculptures, architectural models, dioramas, and 3D artwork. The foam tubes can be cut into different lengths, shapes, or angles to fit the specific design requirements.

Educational Tools: Foam tubes can be utilized in educational settings for interactive learning. They can be used to create models of molecules, atoms, or structures in science projects. They can also be used in math lessons to represent shapes, patterns, or fractions.

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If you are looking for Craft Foam Tubes for your projects, you are in the right place. JE Silicone manufactures and supplies a range of standard and customized silicone foam tubes, they have excellent flexibility, kink resistance, high tear strength, odorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, low temperature, long life, strong working pressure and other performance advantages, and it will not change for a long time Hard, no discoloration, no fading. Various specifications can be customized according to the requirements by different customers.


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