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Ultra Thin Wall Silicone Tubing / Rubber Tubing

Key Features:

  • Ultra thin wall thickness design, can reach a thickness of 0.25mm.
  • Non-toxic, resistant to ozone and UV rays.
  • Great durability and yet eases of use.
  • Temperature resistant, from -40ºC to 250 ºC

Product Specifications:

Product Thin Wall Silicone Tubing
Material 100% Silicone
Color Clear, other color customizable
Wall thickness Customized,can reach 0.25mm
Hardness Customized, 30A-80A
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Descsription of Ultra-thin Wall Silicone Tubing

Silicone tubing has probably been a familiar name for a long time. One popular type of silicone tube is the ultra-thin wall silicone tubing, which is a type of tubing made from silicone material that has a relatively thin wall thickness. Thin wall silicone tubing boasts great durability and yet eases of use. Their wall can reach a thickness of up to 0.25mm, which makes them very light and facile to use. 

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Applications of thin wall silicone tubing

Thin wall silicone rubber tubing is typically used in applications that require flexibility, durability, and resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and UV radiation. Thin wall silicone tubing is often used in medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries for fluid transfer, as well as in laboratory and research settings for various applications such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and peristaltic pump applications. It is also used in industrial settings for transferring chemicals, solvents, and other fluids.

What factors need to consider when choosing thin wall silicone tubing

When selecting thin wall silicone tubing, it is important to consider factors such as the internal and external diameter, the wall thickness, and the overall length needed for your specific application. It is also important to ensure that the tubing meets any regulatory or compliance requirements for your industry.

Thin Wall Silicone Tubing Manufacturer

JEsilicone is a lead silicone tubing products manufacturers in China, provides silicone tubing OEM/ODM service more than 20 years. We can custom any thin wall silicone tubing as customer requirements.

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