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Silicone Rubber Tube

Compared with other ordinary rubber products, silicone rubber tube has very good heat resistant, electrical insulation, chemical stability, etc.

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Silicone Rubber Tube Manufactuer

Established in the year of 2007, JEsilicone is a valued supplier and manufacturer of superior silicone rubber products like silicone rubber tubing,  silicone strips, silicone foam products, custom silicone parts, silicone O-rings. Among the various categories of silicone rubber products, Silicone Rubber Tubing is the bestseller. JEsilicone can manufacture a wide range of high-quality extruded silicone tubing, includes food grade silicone tube, medical grade silicone tube, high temperature silicone rubber tube, silicone rubber hose & silicone rubber sleeve.

Advantages of Silicone Rubber Tubing

The main advantages of our silicone rubber tubing & silicone hose are: higher performance, great flexibility as well as longer durability. We can also make different colors for silicone tubing such as translucent, white, black, red and other colors as well as different wall thickness. Our silicone rubber tubing provides excellent high and low temperature resistance, from -40ºC to 250ºC, they also exhibit excellent resistance toward U.V. radiation, ozone and other weather ability conditions.

Silicone Rubber Tubing Applications

Our silicone rubber tubing is widely used in different industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, dairy & milk industry, food & beverage industry and other applications. Silicone tubing has for quite some time been utilized for medical purposes especially as peristaltic pump tubing, as it meets the restorative necessities like tidiness and non-toxicity.  Additionally, our industrial grade silicone tubing offers remarkable performance at allusively much competitive price.

Custom Silicone Rubber Tubing

Your order can be completely customized, as per your requirements. We provide value added services such as Cut to length extrusion, hot spliced endless gaskets, punching, corner splicing, rubber to metal fabrication, color matching, custom packaging.

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