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Medical Silicone Catheters

We provide a wide range of high quality and safe medical silicone products, include silicone foley catheters (1-way, 2-way & 3-way), silicone balloons, cervical pipening balloon, postpartum hemostatic balloon, silicone stomach tubing, HSG catheter, ventilator circuit tubing, cpap tubing, peristaltic pump tubing, etc. All the Silicone Catheters have passed animal skin irritation test, skin sensitization test, pyrogenicity test, haemolysis test and MTT cytotoxiccity test.

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Find a reliable partner to meet requirements for high quality Medical Grade Silicones products? You are in the right place, JEsilicone is a profentional ISO13485 manufacturer with 20+ years experience, and equip with 100,000-class clean workshop. JEsilicone provides one-stop customization service to meet just about any need.

Our medical catheters is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to biological aging, and can be left in the body for a short period of time to play the role of rehydration, rescue, drainage and injection, and anti-adhesion.

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