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Custom Silicone Rubber ProductsCustom Silicone Rubber ProductsCustom Silicone Rubber ProductsCustom Silicone Rubber ProductsCustom Silicone Rubber ProductsCustom Silicone Rubber Products

Custom Silicone Products / Molded Silicone Parts

Key Features:

  • Made of high quality silicone rubber material.
  • Wide operating temperature (-40℃~﹢250℃).
  • Excellent electrical insulation, UV and ozone resistance.
  • Shape/size/color/hardness/package customizable as customer requirements. 
  • 20+ years silicone product customization experience.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Custom Silicone Products
Material 100% Silicone Rubber
Color Customized as requirments
Size Custommized as requirments
Hardness Customized,range of 10 to 80 durometer Shore A
Temperature resistance -40℃~﹢250℃
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The following are part of our Custom Silicone Products Sucessful Cases

The manufacturer has 5000 sucessful custom silicone products

Custom Molded Silicone Parts

The manufacturer has 5000 sucessful custom silicone products

Custom Molded Silicone Parts

The manufacturer has 5000 sucessful custom silicone products

Custom Liquid Silicone Products

The manufacturer has 5000 sucessful custom silicone products

Specialists in custom silicone products services

As an expert in custom silicone products, JE Silicone is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our 20+ years OEM/ODM experience & 5000+ successful mold opening. We manufacture built-to-order silicone parts, customized silicone products and offer a wide variety of options to solve your problems, such as silicone gaskets, silicone o-rings, seals, strips, washers, eyelets, rubber to metal bonded products, plugs, caps and stoppers, and any other customized molded parts to meet your requirements. All our custom silicone molded products use high quality food grade silicone materials compile with various International standards. Please provide your drawings to customize for you!

From concept to design, through prototype to production, From branding to packing solutions, Our OEM/ODM services cover the full project life cycle, benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs, and a shorter lead-time for tailor-made siliocne product development.

Main Advantages of Our Customized Silicone Products

Main features of Custom Silicone Sleeve

Use high quality silicone material

6 reason for purchase

Custom Silicone sleeve specfications

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Custom silicone sleeve applications

General steps of customizing silicone products

1. Define your requirements: Determine the specific characteristics and features you want for your custom silicone product. Consider factors such as size, shape, color, material hardness, flexibility, and any unique functionalities or designs.

2. Find a manufacturer: Look for a reputable silicone product manufacturer that specializes in customizations.

3. Initial consultation: Contact the manufacturer and discuss your project requirements. Provide detailed information about the product you want to create, including drawings, sketches, or specifications. The manufacturer may also offer design assistance to help refine your concept.

4. Material selection: Choose the type of silicone material that best suits your needs. Silicone comes in different formulations, such as high-temperature resistant, food-grade, medical-grade, or conductive silicone. Work with the manufacturer to select the appropriate material for your application.

5. Prototype development: Depending on the complexity of your design, the manufacturer may create a prototype to validate the product's functionality and aesthetics. This step helps identify any necessary modifications before proceeding to mass production.

6. Tooling and mold creation: Once the design is finalized, the manufacturer will create the necessary tooling and molds for production. The molds will be customized based on your product specifications.

7. Production and customization: The manufacturer will use the molds to produce the silicone products. Customizations such as color, branding, logos, or surface textures can be added during this stage. The manufacturer may utilize techniques like pad printing, laser etching, or embossing to achieve the desired customization.

8. Quality control: The manufacturer should have a quality control process in place to ensure the products meet your specifications. This may involve inspections, testing, and compliance with relevant industry standards.

9. Packaging and shipping: Once the products pass the quality control checks, they will be packaged according to your requirements. The manufacturer can handle the shipping logistics, ensuring the products reach your desired location.


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