D-shape Silicone Foam Strips

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D-shape Silicone Foam StripsD-shape Silicone Foam StripsD-shape Silicone Foam StripsD-shape Silicone Foam StripsD-shape Silicone Foam StripsD-shape Silicone Foam Strips

Custom D Shape Weather Stripping for Small Gaps, Self-Adhesive Silicone Foam Seal Strip for Windows and Doors

Key Features:

  • High elasticity, good sealing
  • Good heat insulation, aging resistance.
  • Good surface waterproof effect.
  • Good flame restardant effect.

Product Specifications:

Product Name D Shape Silicone Foam Strip
Material 100% Silicone
Temperature resistance -40℃~250℃
Size Accept drawing customization
Color Customized (regular colors are red, gray, white)
Applications Ideal for Doors and Windows Weatherstrip Gap Blocker
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About this item:

D-shaped silicone foam strip is a type of weatherstripping that is commonly used to seal gaps around doors and windows. The strip is made of a soft, flexible silicone foam material that is shaped like a "D" when viewed from the end. The flat side of the "D" is typically placed against the surface that the strip is being applied to, while the curved side of the "D" compresses against the other surface to create a seal.

Features of the D shape Foam Strip

D Shape Foam Seal Strip - Made of high resilience and tear resistance silicone foam materials, It can work for a long-term high-pressure environment.

Easy Cut to Size - D shape silicone foam strips fit for various types of doors like french door, sliding patio door, main door, exterior door, wooden door, sliding doors, plastic-steel, and aluminum windows, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.

Multi-Function - This foam indoor weather stripping with strong resilience after extrusion, good for anti-collision; great for preventing wind, dust, sound, cold, protecting the windows and doors, reducing the abrasion and noise effectively on windows/doors while opening or closing.

D shape silicone foam strip applications

D-shaped silicone foam strips are often used in applications where a tight, durable seal is required, such as on exterior doors or windows. The silicone foam material is highly resistant to weathering, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Additionally, the material is highly compressible, which allows it to effectively seal gaps of varying sizes.

D-shaped silicone foam strips are typically available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different applications. They can be purchased in pre-cut lengths or in bulk rolls that can be cut to size as needed. Installation is usually simple and can be done using an adhesive backing or with screws or nails.


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