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Silicone Rubber Strips

Our silicone rubber strips have a transparent and smooth appearance, soft and elastic, non-toxic and tasteless. They exhibit excellent weather-ability properties and support wide range of temperature -40 °C to 250 °C.

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As one leading silicone company in China with 20 years expereice, JEsilicone can supply a wide range of custom or standard size silicone rubber strips for your project. As per your application needs we can supply flexible, durable silicone rubber strips in english as well as metric size. We also supply irregular shape, high temperature, food grade and clear silicone rubber strips. If you need we can cut it as per your size requirements. Our silicone rubber strips exhibit excellent weather-ability properties and support wide range of temperature -40°C to 250 °C. It also provides temperature stability, UV & Ozone resistance & electrical properties.

Jiajie silicone rubber strips are produced with food-grade raw materials. Silicone strips of various colors are made of high-quality silicone rubber with scientific formula and advanced technology. With good flexibility, high temperature resistance and good stability, it can be widely used for insulation protection of household appliances and industrial appliances.

Silicone Rubber Strips Features:

1. Surface gloss, high and low temperature resistance, good material stability;
2. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with excellent resilience and excellent sealing effect;
3. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance and chemical stability;

Silicone Rubber Strips Applications:

It can be used for trains, cars, boats, aluminum alloy window, reinforced plastic window. Or they are widely applied in food industry eg, sanitation, medical instrument and apparatus, decorative lighting and electronics appliance.

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