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Custom Silicone Rubber BallsCustom Silicone Rubber BallsCustom Silicone Rubber BallsCustom Silicone Rubber BallsCustom Silicone Rubber BallsCustom Silicone Rubber Balls

Custom Food Grade Silicone Solid Balls

Key Features:

  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance, good thermal insulation performance..
  • High strength, soft and tough.
  • Good chemical corrosion resistance, oil resistance, waterproof.
  • Heat aging and weathering resistance, as well as ozone, oxygen, light and so on.
  • Feel good, environmental protection, sealing effect is ideal.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Silicone Rubber Solid Balls
Material Food Grade Silicone
Color White / Customized as requirement
Density 0.3-0.65g/cm³
Hardness 30-50 Shore A
Temperature resistance -40℃~﹢250℃
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Silicone Rubber Ball is a kind of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, high-jumping product. Compared with other rubber balls, it has non-toxic, non-polluting, odorless and no side effects, so it is often used in industries with higher requirements.

Its performance has good resistance, chemical resistance, low density (density is less than water), low water absorption, the highest melting point thermoplastic has excellent electrical insulators and low dielectric coefficient, usually used for floating capacity requirements, withblood transfusion, calibration level index. High resistance to chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, alcohol, many inorganic substances, salt solutions, solvents, gasoline, water, oil, grease, detergent, juice, milk, etc., but not resistant to aromatic hydrocarbons and chloric acid.

Silicone Rubber Balls are usually used in vibrating machine, and to match medical devices, they can reach ISO grade. They are mainly used for cosmetic roll-on bottles, sprayers, floating balls, sealed balls, etc.


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