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Product Details

Definition of EPDM Rubber Foam Sheet

Silicone foam board and silicone foam tube are both a kind of high-temperature silicone foam class extruded products, the difference from the silicone foam sheet is mainly characterized by a different process, silicone foam strip is a molding process.

Our silicone foam sealing strip, silicone foam sealing tape, and other sealing products are 100% vapor phase silicone raw materials to join the foaming agent through high-temperature oven vulcanization, the vulcanization process produces a  lot of air, resulting in a large number of small holes within the silicone made of silicone. The biggest feature of the product is high-temperature resistance, good elasticity, high-quality high-temperature silicone foaming strips can continue to operate at 300 degrees without qualitative change.

EPDM rubber foam sheet is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diolefins, is a kind of ethylene-propylene rubber, to EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), because its main chain is composed of chemically stable saturated hydrocarbons, only in the side chain contains an unsaturated double bond, so its ozone resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and other aging resistance performance, can be widely used in automotive parts, waterproof materials for construction, wire, and cable sheathing, heat-resistant hose, tape, automotive seals and other fields

The performance of EPDM rubber foam sheet

1. Low density and high fallibility

The density of ethylene propylene rubber is a relatively low rubber, its density is 0.87, plus a large number of oil and fillers can be added, thus reducing the cost of rubber products, to make up for the high price of ethylene propylene rubber raw rubber shortcomings, and for the high value of ethylene-propylene rubber, high filling after the physical and mechanical energy reduction is not large.

2、Aging resistance

Ethylene propylene rubber foam sheet has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water vapor resistance, color stability, electrical properties, oil-filled and room temperature fluidity. Ethylene propylene rubber products can be used for a long time at 120℃ and can be used briefly or intermittently at 150- 200℃. Adding suitable antioxidants can increase its use temperature. EPDM rubber crosslinked with peroxide can be used in harsh conditions. EPDM rubber in the ozone concentration of 50pphm, stretching 30% of the conditions, up to 150h or more without cracking.

3、Corrosion resistance

Due to the lack of polarity and low unsaturation of EPDM rubber foam sheet, therefore, it has good resistance to various polar chemicals such as alcohols, acids, alkalis, oxidizers, refrigerants, detergents, animal and vegetable oils, ketones and greases, etc.; however, it has poor stability in lipid and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.) and mineral oil. In the long-term action of concentrated acid, performance is also to decline. In ISO/TO 7620, nearly 400 kinds of corrosive gaseous and liquid chemicals are gathered on the performance of various rubber, and 1-4 grades are specified to indicate their degree of action, the effect of corrosive chemicals on rubber performance:

4、Water vapor resistance

EPDM rubber foam sheet has excellent water vapor resistance and is estimated to be better than its heat resistance. In the 230 ℃ superheated steam, nearly 100h after the appearance of no change. While fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, natural rubber in the same conditions, the appearance of a shorter period of time to experience significant deterioration.

5、Resistance to overheating

Ethylene propylene rubber foam sheet is also better resistant to overheating performance, but closely related to all the vulcanization systems. To disulfide two morpholine, TMTD for the vulcanization system of ethylene-propylene rubber, in 125 ℃ superheated water after 15 months of immersion, mechanical properties change very little, the volume expansion rate of only 0.3%.

6、Electrical performance

EPDM rubber foam sheet has excellent electrical insulation performance and corona resistance, electrical performance is better than or close to SBR, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, polyethylene, and cross-linked polyethylene.


As there is no polar substituent in the molecular structure of the EPDM rubber foam sheet, the molecular cohesion energy is low, and the molecular chain can maintain flexibility in a wide range, second only to natural rubber and paraben rubber, and can still be maintained at low temperature.

8、Adhesive property

EPDM rubber foam sheet due to the lack of active groups in the molecular structure, low cohesion energy, coupled with the rubber is easy to spray frost, self-adhesive and mutual adhesion is very poor.

  Silicone foam board uses

Mainly used for supporting electrical appliances, electronics, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, bottles, and cans sealing, building curtain wall sealing, and other industries! Our factory produces most of these products are used for display screen bonded into the seal ring, so also welcome to purchase display silicone seal ring manufacturers to visit our factory to guide, can also free sample trial.

About silicone foam board customization process

  1.  Send drawings or samples to our company
  2. Our company will arrange the quotation according to the drawing or sample;
  3. After confirmation, we will open the sample mold for proofing;
  4. after confirming the sample, open the large mold, do the goods, and ship out.


1.Who makes EPDM rubber?

The global EPDM market is dominated by five prominent suppliers: Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil, Lion Elastomers, LANXESS, and Mitsui Chemicals. These players have a wide geographical spread with large production facilities located across the globe. However, there are also a number of smaller local and regional suppliers with significant market share.

JE is a leading supplier of EPDM foam sheets in China. The company does not produce raw materials, JE specializes in finished EPDM foam sheets and accepts customization services on a wide range of parameters such as size, hardness, and color as required by customers.

2.Where does EPDM rubber come from?

EPDM is a terpolymer of ethylene, propylene and non-conjugated diolefins. Diolefins have a special structure where only one of the two bonds can be copolymerized, and the unsaturated double bond is mainly used as the cross-chain at. The other unsaturated one will not become the main polymer chain, but only the side chain. The main polymer chain of EPDM is fully saturated. This property makes EPDM resistant to heat, light, oxygen, and especially ozone. EPDM is inherently nonpolar, resistant to polar solutions and chemicals, has low water absorption, and has good insulating properties.

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