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Customizable Foam Tubing Foam Tubes Manufacturer-Jesilicone

Place of Origin:china
Brand Name:JE
Certification:FDA, LFGB, UL, ROSH, SGS
Model Number:JE-1820
Minimum Order Quantity:50 Meters
Packaging Details:Clear opp bag put in CTN
Delivery Time:3-5 work days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:10000 meters/day

Product Details

Foam Tubing Features

Foam tubing have smooth surface and elastic performance. And they are easy to be assembled.

Foam tubing are widely used on car door frame, window, hood, and decklid with the function of watertight, dustproof,

sound insulation, heat preservation and decoration. Products are applied by many vehicle manufacturers here and aboard.


Foam Tubing Description

Main products include all kinds of rubber & plastic extrusions and molding press widely used for

door and window steal strip,car door seals, gaskets, boat fender , tubes, pipes, rubber hose, etc.

Most of the time, clients require us to do custom service, because seal strips are usually different in size and profiles due  to different application and designs,

it's convenient for us to make a new mould and produce the unique products only for you!

Please never hesitate to contact with us if you have a drawing, picture, sample or even an idea.

Silicone foam tube is a kind of high temperature resistant silicone foam extrusion products, the products are made of 100% gas phase silicone raw materials with foaming agent through high temperature oven vulcanization, during the vulcanization process, a large amount of air is generated, resulting in a large number of small holes inside the silicone and made.
The biggest characteristic of the product is high temperature resistance and good elasticity, it can work continuously under 300 degrees high temperature without qualitative changes.

Foam rubber tubing it is commonly known as handles, gym handles, handle grips or rod handles and is ideal for reducing vibration and improving the look and feel of a variety of products, including handles for
Bicycles Brooms Motorcycles Other long-handled tools

Silicone foam tube performance

  •  environmental protection, insulation, high temperature resistance, compression resistance, strong resilience.
  •  small surface tolerance, diameter tolerance ± 0.05mm, uniform foam density.
  •  acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic and tasteless.
  •  good surface non-stick, good air permeability.
  •  higher tear strength and superior electrical performance.
  • No hardness, no discoloration, no yellowing, no frost spraying and other advantages for long time use.

Silicone foam tube use

It can be used in medical research, medical analysis instrument, respirator food apparatus, electronic equipment, toys, hardware, sporting goods and other industries.
Silicone rubber has excellent high and low temperature resistance, up to 300℃, down to -60℃. Therefore, silicone foam tube can be used as insulation tube or heat insulation tube widely used in air conditioners or other machines; or the skin of the silicone foam tube is ground off and then set on the copper steel core, dedicated to the copier or printer.

At present, our company can provide four grades of silicone foam products for customers with different requirements on quality and price.

①Special grade A: This grade of silicone foam is particularly good in resilience, stretching, tearing and temperature resistance, and can work in the range of 250℃ or above for a long time, most suitable for use in products with special high temperature resistance requirements;

② special gear B: this type of product is mostly tubular, use before the set of copper steel core, abrasive skin about 1-1.5mm deep, dedicated to office equipment such as printers,

Copy machine, has a very good resilience, tensile strength and tear strength, compression deformation is small;

③General high-grade: good resilience, tensile, tearing, compression deformation performance, low density, size tolerance range is not very strict;

④General middle grade: elasticity, tensile, tearing and compression deformation are worse than general high grade, and the density is slightly larger than general high grade, and the dimensional tolerance range is not very strict;

⑤ General low-grade: resilience, stretching, tearing, compression deformation is not very careful, the highest density, tolerance range is very wide, pay attention to the low price.

Suitable for industry or field

Silicone rubber foam tubes and conduits are widely used in construction, automotive, ship door and window sealing, wire and cable, automotive, motorcycle parts and other industrial products.

Customization details.
The color, specification, shape and hardness of the silicone rubber foam tube can be customized by customers, or the customer can give a matching sample, and our company will design the product according to the accessories.
We welcome customers to call, mail, sample or drawing to customize various specifications and shapes of silicone rubber foam tube.

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