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Foley Catheter(3-WAY)


Product Details


1,Thin shell,Firm airbag.
2,Spacious lumen and big sidehole.
3,Convenient discharge opening and catheter valve, good lubricating properties, tough tube, smooth surface.
4,Easy to insert, Convenient to operate, minimize excretion during retention.





Pruduct Feautures

1. 100% medical grade silicone material Foley Catheter

2. Soft funnel for flexible and effective connection, a voiding urinary spills.

3. Symmetrical balloon expands equally in all directions so as to perform its function safely and efficiently.

4. Silicone coating ensures a traumatic introduction and protects against urethral irritation.

5. Symmetrical balloon for good retention of catheter in the bladder, reducing discomfort coated with medical grade

silicone fluid on the inner and our surface.

6. Color-coded sleeve for easy identification of size.

7. Soft rubber or plastic valve is available.






 SIZE  Balloon  Capacity  Length(mm)
8Ch/Fr  3-5ml  400
10Ch/Fr  3-5ml  400
12Ch/Fr  5-10ml  400
14Ch/Fr  5-15ml  400
16Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400
18Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400
20Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400
22Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400
24Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400
26Ch/Fr  5-15ml/30ml  400



Application industry

  • Postpartum Hemostatic Balloon Postpartum Hemostatic Balloon
  • Cervical Ripening Balloon Cervical Ripening Balloon
  • medical silicone tubings medical silicone tubings
  • Silicone tube for nasal vascular arrest Silicone tube for nasal vascular arrest
  • Silicone tube for sputum suction tube Silicone tube for sputum suction tube
  • 1-way Silicone Floey catheter 1-way Silicone Floey catheter