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silicone rubber sealing strips

silicone rubber sealing strips

Heat-resistant silicone sealing strips also called high temperaturer silicone strips, which higher temperature resistant than ordinary silicone material, mainly be used under special environment, this heat-resistant silicone strip can understand 200~300 degrees for a long time, and reliable and stable performance, flame retardant silicone seal strip we commonly see is belong to these strips. Shen zhen jiajie is a professional silica gel products manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china, major produce silicone tubing, silicone ring, silicone strip, etc. Our factory productions are various a... more


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Jiajie is a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer, supplier,exporter  in china, specialized in silicone tubings&tubes, silicone sponge&foam  sheets, tapes, cordes, silicone sealing rings, silicone sealing strips, silicone rubber parts, plastic preservation boxes, etc. 
Our company is located in longhua town of shen zhen city. Our silicone rubber products factory was founded at 2007 years, With developing continually, Jiajie company formed extrusion silicone products and moulding silicone products separate professional production line, and equipped with professional technology personnel, in line with principle "the quality first, customer satisfaction" , we are committed to provide you with low carbon environmental health silicone products....

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