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Silicone Laryngeal mask


Product Details

Disposable silicone laryngeal mask airbag, made of . The mask are made of improted medical-grade Silicone. soft to the touch, good toughness, high resilience and good sealing effect.CE and ISO :13485 approved,

Disposable silicone Laryngeal mask performance:
1. Single-cavity air bag, complete specifications, suitable for all kinds of silicone laryngeal masks;
2. Made of liquid silicone, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, good sealing, no irritating to human contact, not allergic, biocompatible;
3. Single-cavity inflatable bladder, no air leakage, high resilience;
4. High and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weak acid and weak alkali resistance, oxidation resistance and anti-aging;

Disposable silicone throat mask airbag use:
The disposable silicone laryngeal mask balloon is used to assemble a finished silicone laryngeal mask for clinical patients to establish a safe airway.

Application industry

  • Silicone nasal irrigator Silicone nasal irrigator
  • Medical nasal mask silicone pad Medical nasal mask silicone pad
  • Silicone Wound Drainage Kit Silicone Wound Drainage Kit
  • Foley catheter with temperature sensor Foley catheter with temperature sensor
  • Silicone HSG Catheter Silicone HSG Catheter