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high temperature silicone sealing strips
Name:high temperature silicone sealing strips Code:233 Category: silicone sealing strips

High temperature silicone sealing strips are higher temperature than ordinary silicone material, mainly be used under special environment, this high-temp silicone strip can understand 200~300 degrees for a long time, and reliable and stable performance, flame retardant silicone seal strip we commonly see is belong to these strips. Shen zhen jiajie is a professional silica gel products manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china, major produce silicone tubing, silicone ring, silicone strip, etc. Our factory productions are various and complete, welcome to consultation and order.


High temperature silicone sealing strips performance:
● Good seal performance, waterproof, dustproof;
● Good recovery, shockproof bull;
● Hardy, the minimum temperature up to 60 ℃-
● Ageing resistance, use for a long time not crack, deformation;
● Health environmental protection level is high, conforms to the American and German LFGB and authentication, can provide the food-grade certificate.


High temperature silicone sealing strips application:
Used for automobile industry, chemical industry, instruments, machinery, household products, furniture, electronics, and other equipment seal, like electricity evaporate ark,
refrigerator, alexipharmic ark, electric oven, pressure cooker, electric cooker, electric kettle, solar water heater. In addition, high temperature silicone tube, high temperaturer silicone ring and other similar high temperature resistant products that we have are large storing.


High temperature silicone sealing strips parameters:

Factory JE Material 100%silicone Temperaturer -60~300 ºC
Size range ¢1-100 Surface tolerance ±0.05mm Voltage values 4.0-10.0kv
Hardness 30-80A Density 0.4-0.9kg/m³ Tensile strength -6.5
Specific gravity 6 Sample time Within 3 days Sample cost free
Delivery Time Within 7 days Certificates FDA ROSH Price consult

High temperaturer silicone sealing strips general sizes:
High-temp sealing strip is a irregular shape strip, so we can't show you general size, please forgive! We can produce all silicone products which you need, and design it obey your requirements, we are looking forward to receive your e-mail or telephone.

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