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silicone finger toothbrushes

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Product Details

Silicone finger toothbrush is designed for massaging gums, cleaning the mouth cavity, gums, tooth rim and baby teeth. The brush is made of soft rubber silicone for comfort and is molded in a single piece for safety. This silicone baby toothbrush easy to use for your child, designed specifically for the teeth of your young ones, is used to clean their teeth, gums and tooth rims whilst also massaging the gums to ensure your child has a healthy and strong set of teeth as they grow. Shenzhen jiajie is a professional silicone products manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china, mianly produce silicone tubes, silicone sponge sheets, silicone waterproof strips, etc. Welcome to consultation and order.


Silicone finger toothbrush property:
鈼廵asy to clean, easy to use;
鈼弙ery flexible, can be sterilised锛宻oft toothbrush;
鈼廻igh non-toxic, environment friendly;
鈼廲an through the FDA, ROSH tests.


Silicone finger toothbrush application:
Mainly are used for cleaning baby teeth, this toothbrush used very convenient, children can wear it on the index fingers, and this toothbrush can not hurt children's gum. silicone toothbrush can be used as a gift for children and infants.


Silicone finger toothbrush parameters:

Factory JE Material 100%silicone Temperature -60~200潞C
size customized Hardness 30-80A Surface tolerance 卤0.05mm
Delivery time within 7 days Sample time within 3 days Sample cost free
Age group babies Certificates FDA ROSH Price consult


Silicone finger toothbrush general size:
Silicone baby toothbrush is a irregular shape silicone toothbrush, so we can't show you general size, please forgive! We can produce all silicone products which you need, and design it obey your requirements, we are looking forward to receive your e-mail or telephone.

Application industry

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