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FDA silicone sealing rings

MFSC500W-1000W Single-mode continuous fiber laser using adopt water-cooled, it has high power, perfect beam quality and high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and can realize optical fiber transmission. This kind of laser system has extraordinary high reliability to other solid lasers and gas lasers. It is the best choice for cutting , welding and drilling on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials,widely used for sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliances manufacturing, automotive manufaturing and other industrial field.

Product Details

FDA silicone sealing rings are based on the rating of the row material to be called, FDA is the food and drug administration, "by American FDA as the highest standards. Through the FDA certificate of food, medicine, cosmetic and medical equipment and other products, is universally recognized as to human body is effective and can ensure that the product is safe, product quality and effect of the highest standard global proof. With food and medical treatment industry rapidly development, the FDA silicone sealing ring is more and more widely used, in daily life, lunch box silicone sealing ring and crisper silicone sealed ring that we commonly belong to these circles. Shen zhen jiajie is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china. Our mainly products contain silicone tubing, silicone foam products(eg: foam silicone sheet, foam silicone gasket) and so on... All products can be received well by our clients,welcome to consult!


FDA silicone sealing rings performance:
1. Avirulent insipidity, strong resistance, restore elasticity;
2. Weak acid and alkali resistance, resistance to steam, can be working abidingly under -60~300degrees;
3. Excellent insulation, high permeability, physical stable performance, use for a long time not cracked, not changing color;
4. Soft degree is high, flexibility is good, snarling deformation, high flame retardancy, ozone resistance, ageing resistance;
5. The product through the strict quality testing, meet FDA and ROSH authentication;


FDA silicone sealing rings application:
As a waterproof and sealed raw material, fda seal ring mainly used for last box, lunch box, heat preservation box, the incubator, water cup and so on... With household electrical appliances popular, FDA silicone sealing ring's demand get big, such as pressure cooker silicone sealing ring, we also produce a lot,welcome to business negotiations.


FDA silicone sealing rings parameters:

Factory JE Material 100%silicone Temperature -60~300 ºC
Colour any color Hardness 30-80A Process flow platinum-cured
Circumference obey demand Sample time within 3 days Sample cost free
Delivery time within 7 days Certificates FDA ROSH Price consult


FDA silicone sealing rings general sizes:

Size Height Wideth Length Wall Tolerance
3 3.3 7.9 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.5 5.8 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.5 6.5 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.6 5.3 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.6 5.8 400 0.7 0.1
3 3.9 5.3 400 0.7 0.1
4 4.0 6.0 400 0.7 0.1
4 4.1 7.8 500 0.7 0.1
4 4.5 6.3 500 0.7 0.1
4 4.7 5.7 500 0.7 0.1
5 5.0 6.0 600 0.7 0.1
5 5.3 7.3 600 0.7 0.1

Application industry

  • silicone rubber sealing strips silicone rubber sealing strips
  • silicone hoses silicone hoses
  • silicone sponge pipes silicone sponge pipes
  • waterproof silicone sealing strips waterproof silicone sealing strips
  • food grade silicone sealing O rings food grade silicone sealing O rings
  • display screens silicone gaskets display screens silicone gaskets