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custom silicone sealing rings

MFSC500W-1000W Single-mode continuous fiber laser using adopt water-cooled, it has high power, perfect beam quality and high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and can realize optical fiber transmission. This kind of laser system has extraordinary high reliability to other solid lasers and gas lasers. It is the best choice for cutting , welding and drilling on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials,widely used for sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliances manufacturing, automotive manufaturing and other industrial field.

Product Details

Our factory supply all kinds of custom silicone sealing rings, such as crisper silicone sealing ring, lunch-box silicone sealing ring, clear box silicone sealing rings and so on... Shenzhen jiajie silicone products factory is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china, main business is extrusion and molding productions, for example, silicone foam sheet, various rubber parts, all kinds of silicone rubber tubes and so on...We have professional engineer, can provide you any size, any color, any shape silicone rings, welcome to consultation and order.


Custom silicone sealing rings property:
鈼 With very good seal performance, waterproof not leak;
鈼 Preservation effect is good, completely avirulent insipidity;
鈼 Can be heated under high-temp, not deformation, do not produce harmful substance;
鈼 Good pressure resistant, can through specialized inspection test;
鈼 Health environmental protection level is high, passed ISO9000 series authentic


Custom silicone sealing rings application:
Mainly used for everyday items, such as last box lunch box, the products such as seal; Food machinery, such as machine sealing ring; Electronic appliances, such as the solar water heater silicone ring; Also can be widely used in hardware, communication equipment, sanitary ware, baby products, security, environmental protection, sports equipment, printing and machinery industries.


Custom silicone sealing rings parameters:

Factory JE Material 100%silicone Temperature -60~300 潞C
Colour any color Hardness 30-80A Process flow platinum-cured
Circumference obey demand Sample time within 3 days Sample cost free
Delivery time within 7 days Certificates FDA ROSH Price consult


Custom silicone sealing rings general sizes:

Size Height Wideth Length Wall Tolerance
3 3.3 7.9 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.5 5.8 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.5 6.5 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.6 5.3 300 0.7 0.1
3 3.6 5.8 400 0.7 0.1
3 3.9 5.3 400 0.7 0.1
4 4.0 6.0 400 0.7 0.1
4 4.1 7.8 500 0.7 0.1
4 4.5 6.3 500 0.7 0.1
4 4.7 5.7 500 0.7 0.1
5 5.0 6.0 600 0.7 0.1
5 5.3 7.3 600 0.7 0.1

Application industry

  • High quality custom shape auto car silicone hose High quality custom shape auto car silicone hose
  • Heat Resistant silicone coolant hose 90 degree elbow silicone hose for automotive Heat Resistant silicone coolant hose 90 degree elbow silicone hose for automotive
  • silicone rubber sealing strips silicone rubber sealing strips
  • silicone hoses silicone hoses
  • silicone sponge pipes silicone sponge pipes
  • waterproof silicone sealing strips waterproof silicone sealing strips