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Silicone tube for sputum suction tube


Product Details

Performance of sputum suction tube:

1. It has two lumens, which can wash and absorb all parts of the oral cavity. The method of use is very similar to the daily brushing operation, and it is easy for users to accept.

2. The brush head is made of silica gel, which is safe, non-toxic, soft and comfortable, avoiding damage to mucosa, and preventing hair loss of traditional cotton ball and toothbrush.

3. The brush head has several suction ports of suitable size, 360 degree suction, preventing blockage from causing mistake suction;

4. It realizes suction and controllability, saves manpower and material resources, is not easy to cause patients to choke, is not easy to be bitten by patients or cause asphyxia in biting residual mouth, and has the advantages of convenient operation, safety, time-saving, labor-saving, low consumption and effective.


Application industry

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