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Silicone tube for nasal vascular arrest


Product Details

Nasal hemostasis, made of silica gel, is used for nasal hemostasis.

Nasal vasodilator performance:

1. Effective hemostasis: double balloon design, according to different bleeding sites for targeted compression, rapid suppression of posterior nasal bleeding;

2. Easy to operate: The appearance of the product is soft and thin tubular. The airbag is wrapped on the wall of the tube. It is very convenient and fast to enter and exit the nasal cavity. The exquisite design leaves the largest operating space.

3. The catheter has many suction/rinse holes, which can prevent blood clotting. It can be placed for a short time. The time of the catheter is usually 24 hours, and in some cases it can be extended to 48 hours.

4. Protecting mucosa: Silicone aerocyst has slow-release property. After expansion, the compression of nasal mucosa will be slowly weakened, avoiding the occurrence of mucosal necrosis. The soft silica tube has low wall pressure and can be re-disinfected as needed.

5. Painless removal: The silica gel balloon has a slow-release property. After expansion, its volume will decrease slowly until the gas completely disappears. Therefore, the secondary trauma and pain during removal can be avoided, adhesion can be prevented and easy removal can be achieved.

6. Improving ventilation: The ventilation structure of the product connects the anterior and posterior nasal cavity and maintains the ventilation function of the nasal cavity while effectively stopping bleeding.

7. Alleviate headache: Because nasal cavity still has ventilation function, headache symptoms are alleviated.

8. Relieving dry pharynx: As the nasal cavity still has the function of ventilation, it reduces the breathing through the mouth, thus alleviating the symptoms of dry pharynx.


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