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Large diameter food grade silicone hose

Large diameter food grade silicone hose
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Jiajie
Material: 100% silicone
Temperature resistance: -60~300 oC
Diameter range: 0.5-100mm
Diameter tolerance: 0.05-0.1mm
Pressure resistance: 8mPa
Hardness: 30-80A
Proofing time: within 3 days
Sample fee: free
Shipping: 3-7 days
Product certification: FDA/ROSH/JEGB
Price: Negotiate
Description product details

100% imported silicone
sizes are available
Any colors are available
35-80° are available
According to customers requirement.Normal 100meters/roll
100 meters accept small order
1 High quality, high strength, high tear resistance. 
2.It has high flexible,eco-friendly,durable, peroxide-cured,good stability
3.Easily re-processing, like sealing, jointing, bending etc.

Large diameter food grade silicone hose:

Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, can pass FDA, LFGB food grade certification, widely used in medical equipment, food processing and other fields

Large diameter food grade silicone hose performance:

1. Food-grade silicone tube is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and has high transparency;

2. Soft, good elasticity, kink resistance and no deformation;

3. No cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance;

4. Has higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;

5. In line with food and drug testing standards, no yellowing, no frosting, no whitening, no fading, no scale and no peculiar smell when placed in the water for a long time

Application of large diameter food grade silicone hose:

Food grade silicone hoses are widely used in food pipe products, food machinery connecting pipes, baby bottle straws, water dispensers, coffee pots, water heaters, rice cookers and other connecting pipes, electrical equipment and other casings, medical equipment connecting pipes Road and other fields

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