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High Temp Resistant Silicone Foam Tube Rubber Sponge Hose

Flexible Silicone Hose

Price: $1

Product name:Foam Tube

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Jiajie

Raw material: 100% silicone
Temperature resistance: -60~300 oC
Diameter range: 1-100mm
Surface tolerance: ±0.2mm
Withstand voltage: 4.0-10.0kv
Hardness: 30-80A
Density: 0.4-0.9kg/m3
Tensile strength:>-4.5
Specific gravity: 6
Proofing time: 3 days
Sample fee: free
Shipping: 3-7 days
Product certification: FDA ROSH/JEGB
Description product details

100% imported silicone
sizes are available
Any colors are available
35-80° are available
According to customers requirement.Normal 100meters/roll
100 meters accept small order

Flexible silicone hose:

Uniform foam density, good resilience, compression resistance, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, insulation, and excellent insulation and heat preservation performance.

Flexible silicone hose performance:

1. Non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and safe, and can be used with daily necessities;

2. Strong physiological inertia, no deformation after long-term use, UV resistance, oxidation resistance;

3. High and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), strong resilience, compression resistance, long-term use without deformation;

4. Weak acid and weak alkali resistance, wear resistance, flame retardant, voltage resistance, good insulation performance;

Flexible Silicone Hose Application:

Red high temperature resistant silicone foam tube is widely used in supporting electronic appliances, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, industrial construction and other industries.

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