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Custom Silicone Sponge Line Foamed Silicone Strip

Custom Silicone Sponge Line Foamed Silicone Strip

Price: $1

Product name:foam strip

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Jiajie

Material: 100% silicone
Temperature resistance: -60~300 ºC
Specification range: ¢1-100 δ1-10mm
Surface tolerance: ±0.05mm
Withstand voltage: 4.0-10.0kv
Hardness: 30-80A
Density: 0.4-0.9kg/m³
Tensile strength: >-6.5
Specific gravity: 6
Proofing time: 3 days
Sample fee: free
Shipping: 3-7 days
Product Certification: FDA ROSH
Description product details

100% imported silicone
sizes are available
Any colors are available
35-80° are available
According to customers requirement.Normal 100meters/roll
100 meters accept small order
1. Environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic and tasteless, up to food-grade hygiene standards; 2. Anti-aging, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, strong resilience, good sealing effect; 3. Waterproof, anti-collision, ozone-resistant, UV-resistant, can be exposed to direct sunlight, long-term use without deformation, no cracking; 4. The pores are foamed evenly, the surface tolerance is small, and the production precision is high; 5. Various customizations are acceptable, drawings and samples are welcome.

Using imported silicone raw materials, scientific formula, and advanced processing technology, silicone products are characterized by softness, high temperature resistance, strong tear resistance and kink resistance. It is widely used in industrial equipment, ships, aerospace, machinery, chemical industry, medical equipment, fitness equipment, instrumentation and other fields and in daily life.

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