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Annual general meeting was held yesterday

    Our entire staff meeting was held by the boss yesterday, this meeting mainly theme was that all of us should make a summary of the 2011 and make a plan for the 2012. The whole meeting can be divided into three aspects. Details are as follows:


    Firstly, the boss made the conclusion of the 2011. This year, our company developed at a great lick, our outstanding achievement was doubled compare with the last year. Of course, this outstanding result must be attribute to the whole staff. The compant can't make it without the efforts of the entire staff, so, the boss express his most thanks to all employee.


    Secondly, the boss declared the next year plan. Next year, our company will enhance the investment in the products research and designment, and company will continue to extend the world market.
thirdly, all the staff to discuss the spring holiday time. In order to reward the staff, the boss decided to travel all the staff during the New Year's Day, the specific location can be choice by employee, company will take the proposal widely.


    In the end, there were some mysterious gift for everyone. When open the boxes, we all were very surprised, there were many beautiful shapes of silicone gifts.