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Jiajie is a professional silicone rubber products manufacturer, supplier,exporter  in china, specialized in silicone tubings&tubes, silicone sponge&foam  sheets, tapes, cordes, silicone sealing rings, silicone sealing strips, silicone rubber parts, plastic preservation boxes, etc.
Our company is located in longhua town of shen zhen city. Our silicone rubber products factory was founded at 2007 years, With developing continually, Jiajie company formed extrusion silicone products and moulding silicone products separate professional production line, and equipped with professional technology personnel, in line with principle "the quality first, customer satisfaction" , we are committed to provide you with low carbon environmental health silicone products.
At present the main products types are:
Silicone tubings: medical silicone tubing, food grade silicone tubing, Platinum-cured silicone tubing, flame retardant silicone tubing, gaseous phase silicone tubing, etc.
Foam&sponge silicone products: foam&sponge silicone tubings,  foam&sponge silicone tapes , foam&sponge silicone cords,  foam&sponge silicone sheets, etc.
Silicone sealing ring: all kinds of sealing ring for preservation boxes, lunch-boxes, thermos cup and so on...
Silicone sealing strips: all kinds of extrusion silicone strip, such as doors and Windows sealing strip.
Silicone rubber parts: all kinds of parts made by silicone,eg, silicone bracelet, mobile phone sets, silicone o ring.
Welcome new and old customers to design in any way.


Mechanical equipments

Serial number The use of Department Equipment name Equipment Model Set Remarks

Rubber group              

       Rubber mixing machine XK-230-630 20  

Extrusion group

Extruding machine JC-65 1  
Extruding machine JE-85 1  
Extruding machine JC-L85 1  

 Processing group

   Manual punching machine ZJ-S3 9  

Packaging group

Packing machine GQ-X16 1  
Sealing machine FS-300 1  


Factory pictures :

silicone factory

silicone factory