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Hollow silicone foam tubes
silicone hollow foam tubes,silicone foam tube 1.Material:100%siliconematerial,nosmellandn
Extruded silicone rubber round bar
Features: 1.Goodsealinganddecorative,waterproof,anti agingresistance,anti ozone, weathe
high temperature silicone sponge strips
High-temperature silicone sponge&foam strips and bars are extrusion silicone sponge st
silicone sponge sealing strips
Silicone sponge&foam sealing strips and bars are extrusion silicone sponge strip, with
red silicone sponge strips
Red silicone sponge&foam strips can be called red silicone sponge tape, too. With non-
silicone sponge strips
Siliconesponge&foam strips can be called silicone sponge&foambar,too. With non-abs
Mechanical equipment's cylindrical silicone foam strips
Description of silicone foam can be continuous used in -60 ℃ ~ 280 ℃2.Material
Box tank's silicone foam sealing strip
Box tank's silicone foam sealing strip foam's density is uniform,lower thermal conductivit
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