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solid silicone sealing strips
Solid silicone sealing strips are very hard silicone strips, according to its shape, usual
medical silicone tubings
Medical silicone tubings are used for hospital, institute of medicine, biopharmaceutical i
Fire retardant silicone composite tubes
silicone composited tubes can be used for a variety of industrial applications, ranging fr
silicone sponge strips
Siliconesponge&foam strips can be called silicone sponge&foambar,too. With non-abs
Mechanical equipment's cylindrical silicone foam strips
Description of silicone foam can be continuous used in -60 ℃ ~ 280 ℃2.Material
transparent silicone tubings
The clear,transparentsilicone tubings are main category of our company silicone tubes, be
food grade silicone tubings
Food grade silicone tubings and tubes are called food grade silicone pipes,too.this tube u
clear silicone tubings
The clear siliconetubings and tubesare main category of our company silicone pipes, be mad
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