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How to use Cervical ripening balloon

In modern society, Cervical ripening balloon is more and more widely used in pregnant women.But many people do not konw how to use Cervical ripening balloon.Now,let me introduce for you.


Cervical ripening balloon is indicated for mechanical dilator of canal prior to labor indication at term when the cervix is unfavorable for indication.The use of pipes is roughly divided into the following four steps.


1.Insert the cervical ripening ballon from cervix uteri,make the both balloons are into cervical canal.

2.Inject 40ml normal saline to the marked "U" balloon,after injecting,pull this balloon back to the uterus.

3.At this time you can see the marked "V" balloon is outside of cervix uteri,then inject 20ml normal saline to this balloon.

4.After the both balloons are in the two sides of cervix uteri,then add not more than 80ml normal saline to these both
balloons,Timing after the both balloons are totally inserted in the right position,the balloons can not be kept insede more than 12 hours before inducing into the childbirth active phase.


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