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Silicone is employed within the automotive field


In the automotive field , silicone grease is usually utilized as a lubricant for bake components since it is stable at high temperatures , is not water-soluble which is far less likely than othe lubricants to foul .

Automotive spark plug wires tend to be insulated by multiple layers of silicone to stop sparks form jumping to asjacent sires , vausing misfires .

Siliocne tubing is sometimes used in automotive intake systems (specifically engines with forced- induction ).

Sheet silicone can be used to manufacture gaskets used in automotive engines , transmissions along with other applications .

Automotive body manufacturing plants and paint shops must avoid the existence of all silicones , since they may cause "fish eyes " small , circular crates that can be found in the tip .

Additionally , silicone compounds for example siliucone rubber are employed from the automotive industry for airbags as xoatings and sealants . The prime strength of silicone rubber causes it to be an ideal adhesive/sealant for hath impact airbags.