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High temperature resistance


If you are manufacturing or designing a product that must retain its physical properties through heat, cold, or extreme shifts in temperature, rely on the proven performance of silicone from Hong Ye Technology.

Silicone elastomers have a very wider operating temperature range than most organic elastomers. They:

Will be more resistant against degradation %u2013 loosing physical property performance when exposed to high or low temperatures

Do not become soft and irreversibly deform when afflicted by temperatures >100°C(>212°F)

Retain their natural flexibility and attempt to perform at low temperatures that might cause most organic elastomers for being brittle

Resist compression set at both low and high temperatures

Maintain their properties longer at higher temperatures

Meet a variety of global industry specifications and gratifaction tests

Silicone elastomers could be tailored or custom compounded to meet a variety of temperature resistance requirements, including high heat, heat aging, fire resistance, and flame retardancy.